Mt. Shasta Avalanche Gulch Route

Start: 7,880ft 2:30am
Summit: 14,162ft 11:00am
Return: 6,880ft 3:00pm
Date:     06/07/09
Total Time:     12.5 hours
Total Distance:     12 miles
Total Elevation:     7,282ft

Mt. Shasta Avalanche Gulch Route Map

Hike from Bunny Flat Steller's Jay Setting up at Horse Camp Our tents at Horse Camp Horse Camp and Shasta Alpine Lodge
Shasta Alpine Lodge Breakfast inside Shasta Alpine Lodge Fun cloud dance Horse Camp climbers Clear view of our route
Sunrise at Helen Lake Looking down at
Helen Lake
Avalanche Gulch
through the fog
Black Butte and Mt.
Eddy in the distance
Looking down from
The Heart
The Red Banks Above the chutes Thumb Rock Upper Casaval Ridge Tough climb to
Misery Hill
Exhausted climber The view of Misery Hill Half way up Misery Hill Climbers on Misery Hill Brad's final stretch
up Misery Hill
View from the top
of Misery Hill
High winds to the summit Looking down to
climbers below
Last view to the summit View of Misery Hill
from the summit
North view from
the summit
Brad on the summit Ben on the summit East view from
the summit
On top of Mt. Shasta
Looking up 50/50 Flat View down to
Horse Camp
Starting a Glissade Glissading down
Climber's Gully
View back up the mountain

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